Thursday, June 02, 2011

Westchester | Detroit's Hasson named new pub

Corporate announced today that Janet Hasson has been named publisher of The Journal News in Westchester County, N.Y. She replaces Michael Fisch, who had been publisher since August 2007 until his still-unexplained departure in late February.

Hasson has been senior vice president/audience development and strategy for the Detroit Media Partnership, publisher of GCI's Detroit Free Press and MediaNews Group's Detroit News. Previously Hasson served as Detroit Media Partnership's vice president/circulation.

Corporate's statement quoted U.S. newspaper division President Bob Dickey as follows:

"Janet is a strategic thinker who executes well and has made every organization she has worked for better. In Detroit, she was part of a team that helped lead the transformation of our newspapers, re-inventing the home delivery model and launching highly successful new digital replica editions. Janet knows how to navigate a competitive marketplace and will lead the Westchester team in providing quality journalism for readers and dynamic marketing solutions for advertisers."


  1. "Hasson has been was senior vice president/audience" - Jim, second graph, check your grammar.

  2. MF's unexplained departure needed no explanation for those that worked with him. He ran his ship up on a reef. Big ideas no substance. Hasson will have her hands full trying to undo his mess. Hopefully, she can get things turned around. We need something good to happen here.

  3. I wish her well. She certainly has paid her dues.

  4. Congratulations to Hasson and the Westchester team! Hasson is one of the best assets this company has and she is the right person for this post.

  5. Geez, I hope somebody got on her knees and bled apologies to Hassan for all of this mess. What a way to welcome a company leader.

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  7. Hasson has her work cut out for her after the train wreck of the previous regime -- two executives who richly deserved to be canned, were. MK and TD make the right decision with drumming them from the corps!


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