Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Newsquest | Strike ends amid reports of deal

From a post today by Roy Greenslade at The Guardian of London:

Journalists working for Newsquest/Gannett in South London have called off their campaign of industrial action after reaching an "amicable agreement" with management at GCI's U.K. newspaper subsidiary.

The mother of the National Union of Journalists' chapel, Thais Portilho-Shrimpton, said the company had agreed to replace any vacancies that occur over the next six months and to retain two extra editorial positions.

The company's offer was accepted by the majority of the 33 NUJ members who were mid-way through a four-day strike.

The agreement follows the harmonious end to a dispute in north London, between NUJ members and Tindle Newspapers. The company agreed to reverse its policy of non-replacement of staff.


  1. Yes: Portilho-Shrimpton's title is "mother." The Brits use different terms to describe union chapters and their leaders.

  2. There's power in a union....

  3. I read all this anti-union guff on this blog, and then I read this and see that a union solution might produce a sensible solution that saves jobs actually does good things for the newspaper, and so the longer term health of the company. Sounds like unions might be a win-win-win, instead of this reflexive anti-unionism. After writing this, I bet we soon hear a post from the anti-union angel who magically appears when unions are discussed.

  4. No doubt. My father called people like them "company sucks."

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  6. 3:53 here. See, I told you all: the angel appears at 6:36. Damn, I'm psychic, and here's the concrete proof.

  7. I congratulate our British friends. They have the balls to stand up for what they believe in — unlike the corporate kiss asses here in the United States. If we had more employees like the Brits we would still have strong unions here and Gannett would have to kiss our butts!


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