Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mail | How we discover we're about to be laid off

In one of the finest been-there, experienced-that comments I've read in some time, Anonymous@6:30 p.m. yesterday wrote:

Another post in this thread says, "Are there layoffs coming?" It's so pitiful to read. People are always asking that. Please listen carefully:

The layoffs are going on all the time. At least a few quietly in Indy this week. At least one was a six-figure job. I heard of some other layoffs in the West last week. It's like roaches. For each one you see, there are many, many others.

That's because these things are never announced unless they are part of a formal consolidation. Trust me, it's mostly on the quiet now.

But they talk about and think about the next layoffs all the time, every day. If you are waiting for it all to quiet down, you are living in a dream world.

How do I know? Because I used to be in on the conversations and planning. They were constant. Until I was one of them. Now I only hear because they are people I know. They call and want help to start a job search. I ache for every one of them.

Yes, I know. It won't be you. We all think that, until we open the door and see that the wrong people are in the meeting and then realize the meeting is about us.

Related: Using crowdsourcing among Gannett Bloggers, this spreadsheet tracks estimated site-by-site layoffs and other job cuts during the current quarter. To date, readers have reported 52 jobs lost at 10 sites. Please check the sheet to see if you site is listed, then post updated information in the comments section, below.

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  1. How very true.
    I too was in on the conversations, including the day I opened the door and realized instantly the meeting was about me.
    Smaller markets are hit harder, but no market is immune. Happens at other media companies as well, not just GCI.
    Gannett may be a bit more ruthless in it's approach, but look at others. Everyone does it. Cutting expenses is like shooting heroin, once you start it's damned hard to stop.

  2. Like roaches...creepy, disgusting, and always lurking.

    Seriously, folks, if you didn't believe before, believe it now. NO ONE is immune and it is very likely you will be next. Just be aware. Get out or at least have a plan B.

    Been there and done that.

  3. Just curious @12:27 If you were "in n the conversations" how come you had no clue you were square in the crosshairs yourself? Not questioning your "inside knowledge" about others, but how do you think they managed to keep you in the dark about your own job?

  4. 7:02 I think it's fairly simple. One day you're an insider, discussing what's going on. Then one day, someone decides you're to be let go -- and you're no longer on the inside.

  5. 7:02 here... JIm- No offense- I was asking 12:27 for THEIR feelings on how they were able to do that with them being part of the discussions. Did they send him/her out for donuts or something? 12:27- I'd like YOU'RE response if you don't mind. Thanks. Again- not doubting the validity of the post- just want to know how that went down.

  6. Layoffs 6-21-11
    Pensacola, FL PNJ 5 people.


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