Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Layoffs | Indy cuts 62 jobs, including 26 in news

That's according to this Indianapolis Business Journal story:

The Indianapolis Star on Tuesday laid off 62 employees, including more than 15% of its newsroom staff in the latest round of cost-cutting by Gannett, the newspaper's parent company.

Among those laid off in Indianapolis were 26 newsroom employees, including 12 copy editors and eight reporters, mostly those covering suburban news. The Star also eliminated 19 open positions, said Robert King, the newspaper's religion and philanthropy reporter and president of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild.

"The Indianapolis Star, I've been told repeatedly, continues to make money," King wrote in an e-mail. "Yet, Gannett, and its corporate bosses in Virginia, seem to view workers not as assets but as liabilities on a balance sheet."

Related: We're tallying site-by-site layoff figures in this read-only spreadsheet.

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[Image: today's Star, Newseum]


  1. It sounds like the number of newsroom jobs cut is really 45 -- 26 layoffs plus 19 open positions.

    Also, if the 15% applies only to the 26 layoffs, then the Star's pre-layoff newsroom had about 173 employees.

  2. Plus, you have the recent Marketing department "restructure" which eleminated positions including the director. One of many stupid moves of which more are to come to bring on the total demise of the company. Way to go!

  3. I've gotten from friends in the newsroom it was 81 at the paper, 28 in the newsroom, 1 photographer.

  4. Crotchfelt loves a good layoff. She gets to walk around telling people how she cries every time layoffs are necessary. How the very people she ignored are suddenly so valuable and she deeply cares for their futures. Her little support group will suck up to her and nod and tell her how kind and caring she is. It's actually pretty fun to watch.

  5. Crotchfelt majored in DRAMA.


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