Monday, April 18, 2011

Urgent: Nashville was a finalist for breaking news

Although there was no Pulitzer Prize given today in the category of breaking news, The Tennessean of Nashville was a finalist "for its coverage of the most devastating flood in Middle Tennessee history."

Executive Editor Mark Silverman told his paper: "This fabulous recognition underscores the quality of the coverage that everyone on staff rallied to produce when the community needed it most. It's wonderful to be recognized by our peers, but equally important to be recognized by our community."

Other nominees in the breaking news category were the Chicago Tribune staff for its "coverage of the deaths of two Chicago firefighters who were killed while searching for squatters in an abandoned burning building." Also: The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald, a joint staff entry, for "their coverage of a devastating earthquake in Haiti, often working under extreme conditions."

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  1. Congratulations to the Tennessean.

    Beyond that, this seems to be more proof that Gannett's brand of "good enough" journalism does not make a difference in its communities.

  2. How is it "fabulous recognition" if the judges found no nominee worthy of the prize?

  3. 7:57 It's still a big deal.


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