Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rochester is fifth site to report a wage freeze

Anonymous@6:09 p.m. wrote yesterday: "The editor in Rochester, Karen Magnuson, announced a selective wage freeze late this afternoon: no merit raises for the next year. She said this was a U.S. community newspapers decision, and implied some or all of the other papers will have freezes."

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in New York is at least the fifth paper to impose a wage freeze, according to Gannett Blogger reports I've now added in this new spreadsheet.

Has your site imposed a freeze? Please check my list, then post your site's information in the comments section, below. To e-mail confidentially, write jimhopkins[at]gmail[dot-com]; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the rail, upper right.


  1. My Boss was correct again. Amazing!!!!!

  2. At any paper just try asking your boss for a raise and see how far you get. Just don't hold breath.

  3. I was not told that there was a wage freeze. I was told that everyone in the department up for an adjustment from April 1 forward was given a 0% raise.

  4. Oliver Twisted4/28/2011 10:14 AM

    Merit Raises? Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I was told years ago by the EE that he'd love to give me a merit raise, but corporate gave him no money for them. Only the five failures at the top get merit raises and bonuses, people. Now eat your gruel and get back to work!!!

  5. So ... with no raises, probably more furloughs in the future ... why do they go through this 'evaluation' charade anymore? Get 'em in, get 'em in, get 'em in by Thursday. Emails to remind you. But nothing ever happens with them. Months go by. The poor editors that have to go through the motions have better things to do with their time, don't they? Is there some kind of federal mandate that they're trying to satisfy? It clearly has nothing to do with bumping up the pay of those whose work they find excellent or even good.

    I understand that if they gave the rank and file pay raises it might cut back on the salary doublings and higher bonuses of our top executives. That makes perfect Gannett sense. But what's with the evaluations? You'd think even Gannett would find them a little silly at this point...

  6. Big deal. Most sites haven't had increases since before the great RIF of 2009. And why is this "news"? Jim, you should be on the trail of tomorrow's ring announcements and the upcoming visits of regional honchos to sites. Not posting something so mundane.

    Ciao Haters!

  7. Evaluations have been bullshit for years. Back in the days of raises (remember them?) everyone in my news dept. got the same raise within 1 percent or so. Do a great job, get 3 percent. Do a so-so job, get 2.5 percent. What a joke!

    The editors, of course, always got more, at least in Westchester.

    But at least our pay wasn't cut. Now a combination of freezes and furloughs over a period of years, we're all working for less.

    This means less income, less Social Security, and a slower-growing 401k.

    Thanks Dubow and Martore! Enjoy your bonuses for all of your hard work!

  8. Wow,you folks are right, they are all scumbags! "Theres the door if you don't like it"
    meanwhile i'm strugglin' paycheck 2 paycheck,while the greedy scumbags collect there bonus checks(that what are site pres.denies)and w/ 20+ years of devoted service,thanks for the lies, have a nice retirement! I won't have to worry becouse...."We are lucky to be employed"


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