Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paywalls | How long it took NYT to hit me up

Perhaps because I read The New York Times on three different devices -- an iPhone and two laptops -- it took a full 15 days after the paper erected its paywall for me to reach my limit of 20 free articles before I had to start paying. So, now, for the first time since the NYT created a website, I'm going to actually pay for its content.

Cost: 99 cents for the first four weeks, and $3.75 a week thereafter. More information.

Earlier: Does Gannett's new chief digital officer believe in paywalls?


  1. Do you regard this as a business expense, a professional expense, or a truly personal expense. That is, if you were not doing what you doing, would you read the NYT online in SF?

  2. Haven't you tried the work-around developed in Canada just days after the Times launched its paywall there? Or signing up with more than one user name on more than one browser? Why cave in so quickly?

  3. http://www.niemanlab.org/2011/03/that-was-quick-four-lines-of-code-is-all-it-takes-for-the-new-york-times-paywall-to-come-tumbling-down-2/


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