Friday, April 01, 2011

Milestones | And comment No. 75,000 is . . .

. . . one posted by Anonymous@9:58 a.m. today, who wrote:

The trend is declining print dollars and growing digital dimes. The market rewards growth. We better learn how to collect digital dimes or the executive-driven massacre will continue . . . and eventually will reach executives too.

We have a local digital sales problem and are getting crushed by those who do it better. Interesting accounting may help some hide, but the bottom line will not lie. Even COO Gracia Martore benefits in the shell game, when digital numbers look better in the short term.

We continue to hope for a product that sells itself again. Not going to happen. We have to win in selling and deliver tangible value, for a change. There is no "right to win" in a digital market. We have to earn it each and every day.

The Yahoo numbers will be telling for us. It is a big bet, as we are introducing our advertisers to non-Gannett advertising. If we can't sell it and others do, someone will pay. Nowhere to hide on that one -- not for long, anyway. Even the board of directors may have to act, and Yahoo happened on Gracia's watch.

Earlier: Gannett Blog starts publishing Sept. 11, 2007, with this post.

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  1. Big Bet? Yahoo is wolf in sheep's clothing. Local advertisers will quickly see their performance (CTR, for example) is much better on Yahoo network than Gannett's endemic network. Then they will go direct to Yahoo, bypassing Gannett altogether. Wow, brilliant!


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