Saturday, April 09, 2011

In Lumet's 'Network,' a prescient view of news

Following is the most famous scene from Director Sidney Lumet's 1976 movie about broadcast news, subverted in a drive for profits. Lumet, 86, died today at his Manhattan home. Peter Finch won an Oscar as the mentally ill news anchor, Howard Beale, who is eventually assassinated on live TV.



  1. Now if Gannetts TV stations had that viewer ship we would be making money in print. Why when CNN started did Gannett not uses their national local TV station to make a USATODAY TV channel and compete? Did they think it was all done since the nation had CNN? Then Foxnews comes along and still nothing. Is it to late NO. The country has snow birds and transplants all over the country all wanting to know what going on back home. That USATODAY channel would be NEW not like CNN or Foxnews. Hear me now GANNETT make a move and save us and this company.

    What do you guys think?

  2. USA Today has experimented with a USAT-brand TV show. I'm don't know its current status.


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