Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Despite profit dive, GCI said industry's 'best bet'

Over the past 100 days, the average rating on Gannett's stock is "overweight," according to a survey of 11 analysts by FactSet Research, David Wilkerson of MarketWatch says in a new story.

The average recommendation on New York Times Co. over the same span is a less-positive "hold." That is the same view of the three Wall Street firms that follow McClatchy Co.

The more favorable view of GCI against industry peers is despite a 23% drop in first-quarter profits that Corporate disclosed yesterday.

GCI's stock recently traded for $15.18 today, down 21 cents, or 1.4%, after surging 4% yesterday.


  1. Deal Chicken was a winner. The prospect of GCI turning into another Groupon is persuasive. Now corporate has to deliver on the promises it has found a new digital category killer. If it works, we can all say we were saved by a chicken.

  2. The name, though, is problematic. Yes, I know -- Google once seemed like an odd name for a company. Today, familiarity has made it seem normal, and it's even become a verb. But I'd argue that 'Deal Chicken' isn't a candidate for similar cultural assimilation. It is, and will remain, a perverse and ugly label. Too bad, because once the horse ... uhh ... chicken is out of the barn ...

  3. I've been reading chicken entrails for years now, trying to divine the future. It doesn't look good.

  4. This is like being named one of the best worst investments out there.

  5. Or winning a Best of Gannett" award.


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