Friday, April 29, 2011

Awards | 38 President's Ring winners announced

Corporate today publicly disclosed the 38 winners of President's Rings, the top award within the U.S. community newspapers division. Awards to the division's top 10 publishers will be announced internally later today.

"These honors reinforce our commitment to the local communities we serve,'' division President Bob Dickey said in a statement. "Our local leadership teams provide quality journalism and content important to our readers along with a variety of marketing services to help local businesses grow."

As he has in the past, Dickey also singled out three winners "who exhibited extraordinary leadership during the past year." They are:
  • Carol Hahn, vice president/Advertising, Cincinnati (three-time winner)
  • Julie Harvey, vice president/Finance, Midwest Group Controller, Des Moines (five-time winner)
  • Randy Lovely, senior vice president/News and Audience Development, Phoenix (four-time winner)
The other winners:
  • Kelly Acevedo, vice president/Human Resources, Tucson, Ariz. (three-time winner)
  • Paul Anger, editor and publisher, Detroit Free Press (six-time winner)
  • Becca Boles, marketing director, Pensacola, Fla. (three-time winner)
  • Joe Braunschweig, regional circulation director, Wisconsin (seven-time winner)
  • Kathy Cheatham, senior human resources business partner, Nashville, Tenn. (four-time winner)
  • Brooke Christofferson, vice president/Market and Business Development, Phoenix (first-time winner)
  • Jack Conaboy, regional operations director, Lansing, Mich. (first-time winner)
  • Greg Fiorito, regional production director, Wisconsin (seven-time winner)
  • Bob Gabordi, executive editor, Tallahassee, Fla. (four-time winner)
  • David Gould, vice president/Advertising, Nashville (seven-time winner)
  • Rick Green, editor and vice president/News, Des Moines (two-time winner)
  • Toni Humphreys, director, Gannett Imaging Ad Design Center, Des Moines (first-time winner)
  • Bennie Ivory, executive editor, Louisville, Ky. (12-time winner)
  • Scott Johnson, president and publisher, St. Cloud, Minn., and former regional advertising director for Wisconsin (two-time winner)
  • Stacia King, advertising director, Lansing (first-time winner)
  • Don Lemire, vice president/Finance, East Group Controller, Wilmington, Del. (eight-time winner)
  • Julie Lusk, vice president/South Region, Human Resources Business Partner Team, Brevard, Fla. (seven-time winner)
  • Sherri Maurer, controller, Palm Springs, Calif. (three-time winner)
  • Wayne Peragallo, east group director, Vice President/Information Technology, Asbury Park, N.J. (nine-time winner)
  • Patrick Peregrin, vice president/Sales & Marketing, Indianapolis (four-time winner)
  • David Preisser, vice president/Operations, Cincinnati (four-time winner)
  • Joel Rohlik, vice president/Finance, Tucson (two-time winner)
  • Jack Roth, vice president/Production, East Group Director (four-time winner) 
  • Jack Saunders, vice president/Circulation, Phoenix (first-time winner) 
  • Susan Schwartzkopf, vice president/Market Development and New Media, Greenville, S.C. (five-time winner) 
  • Tammy Shannon, advertising director, Burlington, Vt. (first-time winner) 
  • Stu Shinske, executive editor/director of Content and Audience Development, Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (first-time winner) 
  • Mark Silverman, editor and vice president/Content and Audience Development, Nashville (10-time winner) 
  • Mike Spector, vice president/West Region, Human Resources business partner team, Phoenix (six-time winner) 
  • Rebecca Steckler, senior vice president/Advertising, Detroit Media Partnership (two-time winner) 
  • Hollis Towns, executive editor and vice president, Information Center, Asbury Park (two-time winner) 
  • Mike Townsend, executive editor, Burlington (first-time winner) 
  • Melinda Vonderahe, director/Marketing and Digital Sales, Wisconsin (two-time winner) 
  • Carolyn Washburn, editor and vice president, Cincinnati (six-time winner) 
  • Dave Wuertemberger, vice president/Finance, Cincinnati (five-time winner)


  1. Among these, Silverman appears to be in line for a promotion.

  2. Shinske. What a lousy excuse for a human being.

  3. Does anybody have an idea if these are worth anything? With gold over $1500 an ounce, I thought I might find some on ebay, but no such luck.


  5. The rings are "fools gold"....haha. how appropriate. I crack myself up.

  6. Just noticed Brooke Christofferson was on the list of recipients......
    "Brooke Christofferson, vice president/Market and Business Development, Phoenix (first-time winner)"

    All I can say is having worked with her personally and been in countless meetings with her; she is one of most brainless and pompus people I have ever met...for sure she fits the Gannett mold but I am shocked (I guess I shouldn't be) how people with very little intelligence or common sense are consistently promoted. She was one of Karen Crotchfelt's close friends another genius at large. I'm not saying this to be mean or just because I hate Gannett but these individuals really aren't that smart and only can exceed in an organization like Gannett. When I used to work at the Arizona Republic we always had the running joke that the lunatics are running the insane asylum and I was in management, man how those words keep ringing true. LOL

  7. It's actually kinda nice to see the names of the corporate clique. If my site is representative of Gannett culture at large -- and with its embarrassing slavishness to brain-dead ideas coming out of McLean, why should one assume elsewise -- each site has its own counterproductive version of overpaid, vacant-eyed schmoozers to be sure, and on that immediate level everyone working directly with them knows who they are. But on a company-wide level, not so much. Thanks!

  8. Is G A N N E T T so small that the same people keep winning year after year?

    You'd think after reaching 12 - would that be a ring and 11 diamonds, or a ring and 12 diamonds? - the person would be named publisher for life, or maybe archbishop of west.

  9. Amid the continued diminishment and devaluing of copy editing within Gannett, these hacks are rewarded. Pathetic.

  10. Obtuse.
    –adjective 1. not quick or alert in perception , feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull. 2. not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.

  11. Bill A overlooked again.

  12. 3:44 was correct, I too sat in too many meetings and watched Brooke mirror every emotion of Zidich and Crotchfelt. Everybody smiling, Brook smiled, everybody thinking, Brooke would be deep in thought and she never took her eyes of Zidich and Crotchfelt. That said, she has every right to be very proud and within the Gannett system has received a very important award. But looking through the list and knowing a few of the people, the key may very well be Brooke's success. Say nothing, do nothing that's outside of what management does and you'll do well. Furloughs and layoffs will provide the smoke and mirrors that makes it look like all's well.

  13. 6:05 PM. To be fair, 17 out of the 38 are three years or less. Of those, 8 are first time winners which might actually be a record. I agree that a few of those who have won 10+ times or more seems kind of ridiculous but if they deserved them, then more power to them. However, it appears it isn't all about performance. A lot of it has to do with how well you or your publisher toots the horn.

  14. How many of these rings were "earned" because the individual laid off personnel?

  15. I wonder together, how many people the President's Ring winners have laid off.

    Your sucess = other peoples misery. You must be very proud.

  16. Bravo, 4:51. And, 4/29/2011 12:48's summary of one of the "winners" is spot on.

  17. Tucson HR ice queen Kelly Acevedo is the most useless moron still able to self-perambulate.

    "Look it up on the website," is her mantra. It's amazing she finds her own way to work.

    And Tucson finance VP Joel Rohlik must have gone to clown college, considering his ability to juggle the books.

  18. Dave Gould? Dave F'ing Gould? The useless, smiling moron who is trying to build God's army? The guy who takes up endless time in meetings holding everyone hostage to talk about his 10 kids? The guy who uses his position to again hold his entire staff hostage every year forcing them to give money to his pet charity? What a joke. Proof positive that this "award" is a joke. I have never worked at a more miserable place with a more miserable bunch of pissed off people in my life. Everyone at the tennessean is miserable. If Dave Gould and Suzanne Bond and the other 50 managers there are oblivious enough or retarded enough to think they're doing something right they need a reality check. Miserable.

  19. Re K. Acevedo. Obviously she found her way to work otherwise she wouldn't have been there to remind the clueless poster that a bit of initiative would produce answers to his/her/? question via a modicum of self reliance. Or do some babies still need to be spoon fed, never having been weaned?


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