Thursday, March 31, 2011

Phoenix | Gannett Local isn't kid(ney)ing around

Just-fired Gannett Local employee Amy Donohue got canned on Tuesday for failing to meet sales goals, just weeks before she planned to donate a kidney in April to a woman she met through Facebook.

"How can I not say I've been distracted, because I've got kind of a big thing going on in my life,'' Donohue conceded, in an interview with KPHO-TV. The CBS station competes against Gannett's KPNX, the NBC affiliate Phoenix.

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  1. Enough already!!

  2. Sorry, 4:47, but this is an outrage. Here's this woman willing to undergo an operation that is not without its risks, and her employer pulls the rug from under her feet. It is as much a disgrace as firing pregnant workers, and that needs to be said.

  3. If she missed a month or 2 they are out if line. If she missed many months in a row then she was failing to do her job effectively. Sales jobs mean you need to sell. Period.

  4. @Anonymous4:47, give us all a break with the "enough already" comment. It's been what, 3 days since it happened and the story was just released. Gannett Local and the VP of Sales clearly doesn't care about their reputation. Amy is very qualified for many of the jobs Gannett Local had available. There has been no compassion for what she was doing, and Gannett Local should have used it in their advantage, but the VP of sales wasn't clever enough to figure that out, and acted immorally. The Vice President of Sales is Heyward McAlpin, and his linkedin profile can be found here

  5. 2:02 Wouldn't BR who "Leads" Gannett Local have to greenlight the termination?

  6. How many other Gannett Sales Reps failed to meet sales goals were fired?

    Or in the alternative how many failed to meet sales goals and were NOT FIRED?

    I can see a major lawsuit coming!

  7. Could be that Brad Robertson gave the green light... Gannett Local needs a name change and some new leaders in the upper management.


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