Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Palm Springs | Burton said named new editor

In an e-mail a few hours ago with the subject line, "new EE named at Palm Springs," a reader says:

"Publisher Mark Winkler is addressing the staff now. It's Greg Burton, an AME at the News Journal in Wilmington. He starts April 11."

Burton would replace the Desert Sun's Rick Green, who was promoted in early January to the top editing job at The Des Moines Register, after Carolyn Washburn moved to The Cincinnati Enquirer.


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  2. More musical-chair, revolving-door shuffling of editors to communities they don't know or have any real interest in. Gannett editors go where they are told by their corporate masters, not because they want to work or live in the communities where they are assigned. In this scheme, editors care less about the relevance of the papers in their new communities than their allegiance to the corporation and its ever-vacillatory strategies. The initial losers are the readers. Then, as the readers quit the paper, advertisers leave, the corporation downsizes and workers lose their jobs. What an obvious treadmill to hell.

  3. Bullshit. All the worker bees go to where they can get jobs, too, and no one here bitches about that. This is a very tired whine.

  4. I've worked for Greg for a few years now. He is fair and works hard. Palm Springs is getting one of the good ones.

  5. Maybe he can get his wife a sham job with the city of Desert Hot Springs. Then run a lot of stories about how great the city and the city manager are.

  6. Stoney LaDouche claims Burton's position will go dark in Wilmington.


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