Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Dubow's successor, a question of the ages

Gracia Martore appears to be first in line to succeed Craig Dubow as Gannett's CEO. She was promoted to the No. 2 job, president and chief operating officer, in February 2010.

However, the board of directors has not signaled when Dubow might retire. He is only 56, and his mandatory retirement age isn't until 65.

Martore turns 60 in September. Following are the years when CEOs took office, with their ages at the time:


  1. Was McCorkindale an exception to a pattern of CEOs getting appointed around age 50?

    Will the board of directors want the next CEO to be in office more than five years?

  2. "Will the board of directors want the next CEO to be in office more than five years?"

    Not if they want to cap the amount of damage he/she can do -- except, well, it's obvious that the board doesn't give a shit about long-term health of the company.

  3. Note how Dubow has let Gracia handle all the wet work while he gives broad and meaningless statements. I think that means she is being set up (or is setting herself up) to be the fall guy when the board of directors wakes up and realizes she has to go. After they see the financial results and know this current regime hasn't a clue on how to turn the financial decline around, heads will roll. She's made enough money to retire.

  4. blah blah balh. The company will be sold before it matters anyway.

  5. Can anything save Gannett from this parade of dunces?

  6. Well, she really deserves that position. And maybe she is the one that suits for that position and was able to handle the responsibilities given to her. There is more who deserves this, but she deserves better.


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