Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cincy's Buchanan said unaware of Q1 furloughs

In an e-mail, a reader just told me the following about The Cincinnati Enquirer's publisher:

"Margaret Buchanan appeared in the newsroom about 5 p.m. Wednesday and announced there had been seven people laid off, two of those in the Local Information Center. She blamed a drop-off in retail advertising that she said began in June and has continued unabated. She said she has not heard anything about a first-quarter furlough."


  1. And did she bother to explain that the dropoff in retail advertising was in line with the dropoff in the quantity and quality of the journalism? Of course not. The Enquirer's sellout of its journalistic independence and its willingness to serve as an outsourced publicity arm of the Republican Party would have turned me off, too, if I were an advertiser, especially if I had a lot of young people as customers.

    The two people fired in the newsroom yesterday were the AME of operations, not a news guy but who paid bills, managed accounts and kept the place humming, and the woman in charge of Moms Like Me.

  2. With Buchanan it’s likely an issue of semantics as she’s very good at not releasing any information, even speculative, before she’s allowed. Past interactions with employees regarding questions about their jobs proves it.

  3. Our managing editor elsewhere in the Midwest told us the same thing re. furloughs, and he's usually very up front about that stuff.


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