Friday, June 18, 2010

Google said near paid-content system launch

The search engine giant is reportedly set to launch a paid content system for publishers by year-end, according to an Italian newspaper report cited by tech website paidContent. The new service is dubbed Newspass, according to the La Repubblica report.

"With Newspass," paidContent says, "people will be able to log-in to the sites of participating news publishers using a single login. Publishers will be able to designate what type of payment they want to accept, including subscriptions and micropayments. People who find content from participating publishers in Google search will see a paywall icon next to that content and be able to purchase access directly from there," using Google's Checkout online payment program.

Earlier: In a comment last month, I asked for the Internet equivalent of an E-Z Pass system


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  2. I wonder what kind of privacy guarantees will exist here. If someone can see what I'm looking at, or subpoena it, or spy on it, then the hell with it. There can be problems with this stuff, like when Facebook sold everybody down the river.


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