Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stock | Signs management thinks GCI's a 'buy'

Ordinarily, insiders sell when they think a company's stock is headed lower. So far, however, only three executives have exercised and sold year-old options that became theirs to play with on Feb. 25. They are retiring labor chief Wendell Van Lare; human resources chief Roxanne Horning, and Newsquest CEO Paul Davidson.

GCI closed at $15.32 a share on Feb. 25. It closed today at $16.72, amid a broad and powerful rally across Wall Street. That's a 9% gain for Gannett vs. 6% for the S&P-500 index.

[Data: Google Finance]

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  1. Yes, but you are looking at this only in the short term. Remember, GCI once touched $80, and not that long ago.


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