Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lafayette, La. | Top editor Richter said leaving

The top editor of Gannett's Daily Advertiser and Daily World in southern Louisiana is leaving, effective Friday, according to a published report. The Independent Weekly said Denise Richter's resignation was announced Monday by Leslie Hurst, publisher of the two papers. Richter had been with the papers since August 2005, and has been a Gannett employee for 19 years, starting in Salem, Ore., the Independent said.

The Advertiser is in Lafayette, and the Daily World is about 24 miles north, in Opelousas.

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[Image: today's Advertiser, Newseum]


  1. Only those who worked for LH could understand what DR has been through. Probably relieved.

  2. Oh, 7:11 p.m, if you only knew...

    Only those who worked for DR could understand...LH and DR were a match made in heaven. If DR finally got what she had coming dished out by LH, so be it....goodbye...good luck...and good riddance.

  3. Never worked for DR... so can't comment there. But the daily wrath we faced in Lansing was unreal. The only reason that I would post here is because I'm sure that ring winner LH is reading these posts. She thrives off of it.

  4. It's worth noting that she's going to work for one of the largest businesses in Lafayette -- a very political locally owned Amblance company. Wonder what kind of coverage that company has gotten while DR was courting them from her post at The Daily Advertiser?


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