Sunday, October 26, 2008

What I'm doing right now

10:39 p.m., San Francisco time: Watching Saturday Night Live with Sparky, and taking a major close-up.


  1. Okay...if you're going to blog for a living you have to realize this is Gannett Blog. If you're going to post little things like this you really need to get a personal blog. People don't come here to see your life. They come here for information regarding the company. Nobody cares. It's not fun. It's not anything.

    And on to the whiners saying cut you some slack. Well if you want to be in the blog business then no.

  2. 10:08 AM
    Does this mean you cancelled your subscription?

  3. I love the economics of online journalism.

  4. actually 10:08 I kind of enjoy seeing Jim's mug shots now and then. Breaks up the monotoney of Gannett.

  5. In our culture, celebrities make a lot of money. You can't become a celebrity unless you get your personality known.
    Jim is a celebrity within the narrow world of Gannett. I suspect that he is or is becoming a celebrity in the gay community.
    Soon, he will be a celebrity in the larger world, being asked to comment on the management of newsrooms and the economics of blogging. That celebrity will lead to real dough.
    I not only enjoy these little diversions, I enjoy watching Jim grow his celebrity.

  6. Celebrity is one thing but this blog has always been about updating employees on their company. The blog should be one or the other not both. This blog is on Takes two seconds to add another blog, link it on this page, and have a post talking about it.

    Those that choose to visit will. It's post like these that make this blog less credible in my eyes. A guy who can't know the difference in blogging and waits ten months to figure out what their doing in later years...

    If you wants to be a celeb than so be it BUT do that then. I could care less that you're watching SNL though. That's not celebrity. That's a slow news day with a blogger who NEEDS to feel like they've posted something.

    And no I'm not from corporate. But hey I guess that's just online journalism.

  7. 8:16 AM
    I think you're on to something that could easily translate to a company comparison. Imagine how news junkies feel when they seek out news sources and find a bunch of intermingled staff blogs on the pages. Maybe they're complaining, but maybe they're just quietly walking away.

  8. Online journalism is different. The conventional wisdom is that you need to brand it, and that's what Jim is doing by infusing this blog with his personality. Is someone forcing you to click on the posts that carry his photo and are obviously about him? Skip it if you don't like it. I agree the blog is becoming known and making Jim a celebrity of sorts. The next time there is a big round of layoffs, look for Jim to be interviewed about the impact across Gannettland. I think he's doing a good job and providing information none of us would have otherwise.

  9. I agree that Jim is doing a great job. I admire him for setting goals with the full realization and disclosure about how meeting the financial end of the goal might be. Drawing an audience is one thing, but making money off that audience is quite another, as Jim is clearly showing us with his advertising and subscription updates.

  10. I love how people want to trash Jim for blogging for the last year and "not looking for work."

    Personally, I took the whole "pay me to blog" stuff as tongue in cheek. For all of the very serious stuff that's discussed here -- and trust me, it's serious to me; I'm trying to figure out how to pay for Christmas and my kid's birthday now, before the next round of layoffs hits -- we need to be able to laugh at something and Jim's interspersed comments about what he's doing and his "plea" for money, to me, lighten the mood a little. I sent him some money, because I do value this blog, but I don't see any need to blast Jim for "failing to think about his future." Jim seems like a very smart guy, and something tells me he has been planning all along.

  11. Jeepers: I never expected so many comments!

    This "What I'm doing right now'' feature is a variation on a similar feature on Facebook and Twitter. To clarify, I'm not trying to turn myself into a celebrity; rather, it's a cheap-and-easy way to get original art on the blog. Plus, as someone observed, it DOES inject a little personality in what would otherwise be a fairly impersonal website, doesn't it?

  12. Well, you know the saying about opinions, Jim. Everybody's got one!

    Keep up the good work! In all its forms.

  13. At least it's a single photo and not a 27-click gallery!


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