Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Indy Star could eliminate up to 95 jobs, blog says

In one of the first ground-level estimates I've seen, blogger Ruth Holladay reports that Indianapolis Star Publisher Michael Kane (left) told employees: "At this early stage, I'm guessing that we could be eliminating up to 95 positions, hopefully less. This is very difficult news to share, but our economic outlook demands it."

The Star employs 1,100, according to its official Corporate page, so Kane's upper estimate would equal nearly 9% of the paper's workforce. That's in line with the 10% layoff figure newspaper division President Bob Dickey gave in his memo earlier today.

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  1. At the statesman Journal in Salem Oregon, we were told 6-10% gone by 1st week of December. Our full time work force is at 190.

  2. In Cherry Hill, our publisher was such a doll. His e-mail to staffers here: "To all Courier Post Employees - please read the attached note from Bob Dickey, President of Gannett U.S. Community Publishing."

    Helpful and informative, no?

  3. That was basically the same message the Visalia publisher sent out.

  4. Likewise at my site and three other friends' places they work. No matter what they say, publishers and OCs got their talking points. Don't be fooled.

  5. And anybody who strays from the talking points will show up here, the new default home page of every computer in the Crystal Palace.

    No pressure, after all, but you publishers could turn up unemployed too. You've been warned!

    Love, your corporate flack
    (insert cackle)

  6. I just dont see how our company can keep going with 10 percent less people then we have today. I think we are fucked. If I am part of the layoffs, I am jobless and fucked. If I am not part of the layoffs, I am stuck at a paper with too few people to get the job down and I am fucked. Either way, I need to go buy some KY Jelly. Fuck!

  7. 4:46 - that's the midset that got us into this mess. Doing something different is the only way. I suspect you'll see some changes brewing in the business model once there are less people around, things that are more cost effective from a revenue perspective. Cut out anything that doesn't make money.

  8. At The Tennessean, where every day matters (sic):
    Staff: Attached is a letter from Bob Dickey, president of Gannett U.S. Community Publishing, announcing that there will be another round of layoffs across the company. Publishers were given this information yesterday afternoon.

    Staff reductions of approximately 10% will be in addition to the upcoming reduction in Finance related to consolidations.

    There are no easy answers at a time like this. We are being affected by the combination of an historic transformation of our business and an unprecedented crisis in our economy. You have all worked hard to find new ways to deliver news, improve our solutions for advertisers and establish products that will continue to grow in the future.

    We are faced with hard choices. We will make them with our focus remaining on positioning ourselves for growth when the economy is better.

    But we can’t deny that the short-term outlook will continue to be difficult. Today’s announcement is necessary to deal with that reality.

    Thank you for your support during these very painful times, and for your continued good work.

    Ellen Leifeld


  9. Ahhhh---so Gannett has two payroll reductions going on at once; the 10% on top of the finance cuts.

  10. Pensacola News Journal is looking at laying off nearly 35 people - or so was the number thrown out by the executive editor.

    They too are said to have received a letter from the publisher simply stating that a note from Dickey was attached. From what I have heard from sources there, they are already looking at reducing the size of the paper, possibly going to two sections.

  11. Dear Craig - How about publicly renouncing your golden parachute as a way to improve morale and illustrate everyone is in the foxhole together?


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