Thursday, July 31, 2008

Price hikes, buyouts lift Gannett Blog's July traffic

[Boing! Visits and page views up, new data show]

Updated on Aug. 1: The three most clicked-on July posts, according to a new Google Analytics report:
Compared to June's traffic, the number of unique visitors in July rose 21%, to about 17,500. Visits rose 36%, to nearly 75,000. And page views jumped 41%, to about 144,000. (A little context: Gannett employs about 46,000. And industry-leading blogger Jim Romenesko nabs 100,000 individual visitors a day.)

Thanks for your confidence. And please keep coming back!

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  1. Larry St. Cyr to the rescue!

  2. This blog is the only place us Gannettoids can vent or get info anymore. Doesn't surprise me traffic is up.

  3. Well after the thousands of people being thrown out on Monday, you will have more disgruntled "former" Gannettoids like Jim.

  4. Anon 9:07 how about some more info? If Black Monday is indeed upon us I would like to know so I can party my ass off this weekend!

  5. Anon 9:39
    It may not be Monday, but by the end of the month for sure
    Start the party

  6. This is what I wrote in a July 31 comment, on a post at:

    My comment: Here's the most specific information I'm hearing about rumors of layoffs. I've asked company flak Tara Connell about this 24 hours ago, and still have not heard back. This is based on a single e-mail from a reader who claims to be in a position to know. Take this with a grain of salt.

    Gannett's newspapers, and possibly other worksites, are being asked to reset their payroll budget to the levels in June -- minus 1%. In other words, publishers must find a way to trim employee expenses by 1%. Proposals were due to HR on Tuesday, with a final announcement (assuming there's even an announcement) on Monday -- tomorrow at the earliest.

    "Look for other changes," the tipster says, "including a reduction in the number of sections to save labor in press rooms (think: Orlando Sentinel/Chicago Tribune/Los Angeles Times-style) and aggressive geo-consolidations -- finance; circulation, including home delivery; human resources and recruiting, and perhaps some news functions (i.e., copy/pagination desks. Wausau, Wis., is the model for smaller, clustered sites)."


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