Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Transformation: Speeches we'd just as soon forget

Missed CEO Craig Dubow's speech during last week's annual shareholders meeting? Read it here, in this text-only document. (Passing along that link, a Gannett Blog reader wonders why he couldn't find a video of Dubow making this speech -- video, of course, allegedly being a big priority for the company.)

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  1. A rather large crock of shit.

  2. Corporate expense savings. Must be the dividend savings from stock options not being exercised.

    It was the stock options that always kept the likes of Neuharth, Watson, Curley, Johnson, and Collins in check. "In-check" means to cover each others ass.

    The BOD...check it out...f u d i c i a r y. Call the Wharton School at the Univ. of Penn for an explanation.

  3. Now let me say a final word about people, before we turn to the video. Gannett’s employees are its greatest asset. In the midst of this difficult, often wrenching transformation, the majority have done nothing less than their best every single day. They are loyal to Gannett and to their co-workers.

    I marvel at them every day and cannot thank them enough

    I know there is good in you. The Empress hasn't driven it from you fully. That is why you couldn't fire me. That's why you won't bring me to your Empress now.

    Dubow looks down from Luke to the smartphone in his own black-gloved hand. He seems to ponder Luke's words.

    DUBOW (eyeing smartphone)
    I see you have made the transition to GO4.

    Dubow touches the smartphone and holds it to his eyes, examining the chosen color scheme.

    Your skills are complete. Indeed, you are powerful, as the Empress has foreseen.

  4. Actually, point-haired boss Craig Dubow amended later, a new corporate study has determined that employees are not as important as had been previously thought.
    "Money is our most valuable asset. Employees are ninth," he said.
    What's number eight? "Carbon paper."

  5. jim,
    for some reason i see no mention of YOU in the transcript. nor do I see any questions coming from you at the shareholders meeting transcript. were you there? did you hide?

    you should be so lucky as to run a multi-billion dollar company and have the weight on your shoulders.

    grow up and get a life!

    People in glass houses....

  6. @4:53: LOL! Are you just catching up now?


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