Monday, May 19, 2008

Pop quiz: Pick the board's first choice for CEO

[CEO-a-go-go: Pruitt, Karmazin and Dubow]

Nearly three years ago, Gannett's board of directors chose a man to lead the company during what was expected to be the most challenging period in its now 102-year history. We all know the job went to Craig Dubow, then president of Gannett's Broadcasting division. So, what's with the mug shots (above) of McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt and Sirius Satellite CEO Mel Karmazin?

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  1. They all would look good with strips and a number on their chest? Hey your not working Jim. Why don't you apply for the Job as the next CEO.

  2. All pigs in a poke. Just like the bullshit that comes out of some of the political candidates. Much ado about nothing...from some. Spin at its best.

  3. Here's the thing, Dubow seems to be the third man in that line. First came Karmazin and then Pruitt. For whatever reason, both said no. That left Dubow. Wow, lucky us!

  4. They all have successfully lost over 70% of their respective stock prices.

    Gary Pruitt and Mel K have the same dentures! A lot of teeth!


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