Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lougee letter hints at broadcasting job cuts

Gannett Broadcasting President Dave Lougee (left) warned employees in a letter today about planned changes meant to protect a "majority'' of the company's TV station jobs -- but apparently not all. A Gannett Blog reader sent me a copy of the letter moments ago.

"In the coming months,'' Lougee writes, "Gannett Broadcasting will launch some market-specific initiatives designed to protect our core businesses, preserve the livelihood of the majority of our people and better position us for these uncertain economic times." The goal: "Focus a higher percentage of our efforts toward generating local content or making local sales.''

Any changes would come as Gannett's 23 TV stations adopt a version of the Information Center model that the company imposed last year on newsrooms at its 84 community daily papers. Lougee was named broadcasting chief last July, replacing Roger Ogden. (E.W. Scripps just announced that Ogden is joining its board of directors.)

In his letter, Lougee notes that many employees have expressed concerns about other station owners cutting jobs or curtailing operations. The initiatives planned for Gannett Broadcasting, he says, are meant to minimize the risk of "more significant" changes later on. But, he adds: "It is also clear that no matter how carefully we plan, common sense suggests there will inevitably be some operational impact as we implement these changes."

Broadcasting employees: More details, please! (Bonus points if you know what kind of car Lougee drives. Hah!) Leave a note in the comments section, below. Or use this link to e-mail feedback; see Tipsters Anonymous Policy in the green sidebar, upper right.

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  1. Bushee, Lougee. Claxon Jackson. You guys make this stuff up, right?


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