Monday, December 31, 2012

Westchester | N.Y. gun group urges ad boycott

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is calling for a nationwide boycott of companies advertising in The Journal News and other Gannett titles after the White Plains, N.Y., daily published online maps revealing names and addresses of people with pistol permits.

The association urged people to stop patronizing businesses advertising in any GCI media until the map is removed. The group's move got a lift today when it was reported by the widely read Politico.

In a press release on Saturday, the association said: "The Journal News has put in harm's way tens of thousands of lawful license holders. This action by the Journal News can only be viewed as an attempt to intimidate and bully lawful gun-owning citizens. The data posted also includes active and retired police, judges, battered and stalked individuals, FBI agents, and more."

It urged people to write to advertisers, and provided an extensive list of them, including mailing addresses and phone numbers. The list of national marketers ranged from Ace Hardware to Macy's and Walmart, plus local advertisers Brewster Honda and Varmax Liquor Pantry.

The Journal News' gun permit maps a week ago, plus an accompanying story, have led to widespread criticism and a move by a New York state senator to make such information exempt from state open-records laws, which the paper used to obtain the names and addresses.


  1. Damn that was sooooo last year

  2. That's not too bad. Look at this:

  3. Boycott Gannett!! Nation-wide


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