Monday, June 11, 2012

Gov. Media | Politico adding to military coverage

The five-year-old website launched in Washington by two Washington Post journalists is expanding again -- ratcheting up the competition in a market where Gannett operates.

This week, Politico is starting to hire 20 more reporters and editors for its coverage on the economy and military, according to a New York Times story posted last night. It's also hiring 20 more employees for its business side.

The boost to editorial is for the site's expensive for-pay subscription service.

The addition of reporting power on military news follows GCI's whittling of staff at Gannett Government Media, whose publications include MilitaryTimes, AirForceTimes and DefenseNews.


  1. One supposes that GCI publishes the various military-related items with a fair amount of input from the agencies covered. This might be press releases, background information, and access to people of importance.

    Doesn't take a lot of "reporting" for that. The entertainment press shows the custom: if you want access, polish the apple, don't cut it open.

    Seems like a natural expansion for Politico, because the military is the "Big Stick" of the political class.

  2. Politico is outstanding.

  3. So why dont we buy Politico? Makes more sense than buying back overvalued Gannett shares.


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