Friday, November 11, 2011

USAT Sports Media buys mixed-martial arts site

Once more beefing up its portfolio, USA Today's Sports Media Group has bought MMAjunkie, which it called one of the leading mixed-martial arts websites. The deal includes related editorial assets and its daily radio show, the division said in a statement. Terms, including a purchase price, weren't disclosed.

Sports Media said the site's editorial staff, including Editor in Chief Dann Stupp, would remain in place. They will report to Dave Morgan, who was recently named Sports Media's editor in chief.

In the statement, Sports Media President Tom Beusse said: "This is an exciting acquisition for us, and one that greatly enhances the editorial capabilities of the USA Today Sports Media Group in covering mixed martial arts across all platforms.''

USAT itself already publishes a robust mixed-martial arts site, one built up over recent years as the sport has grown more popular. Today's statement did not mention that site, or its future. And the paper itself does not appear to have reported the MMAjunkie acquisition.

Sports Media has oversight for all sports content and related advertising sales across Gannett's U.S. newspapers and TV stations.

The deal follows the September purchase in US Presswire, a syndicator of freelance sports photography.


  1. It's good to see G is in an acquisition mode again. I trust that since they have to money to buy up new properties they won't have to resort to layoffs or furloughs.

  2. Smart move as MMA is the sport of the future but I fear Gannett will somehow screw it up. Moms are popular and look how they screwed up Moms like me. The layoffs will of course continue.

  3. Sports is 90% BNQT. Beusee is clueless. No network, no great flagship website. Good luck reaching $100m Buesse

  4. Jesus Christ!

    USA TODAY has now resorted to martial arts?!?

    Whatever happened to the NFL, the NBA, MLB, NASCAR & the biggest & best in college sports (the Sears Trophy, the National Championship Football Trophy, etc.) - all of that?

    Martial arts?!?

    Can we get just a little more trailer-parkish?

    Good grief.......



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