Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tips for logging on to the new health benefits site

Several readers have reported having trouble accessing the health insurance part of the new ACS employee benefits website, at benefits.gannett.com. ACS is Gannett's newly appointed benefits administrator, replacing long-time vendor Hewitt Associates.

Now, Anonymous@9:24 p.m. explains why: "The new benefits website has been live since the first of the month, when they turned on the 401(k) part. The health portion doesn't go live until Nov 1."

In late August, Corporate distributed a brochure about the switch to ACS. That brochure says even more detailed information about health benefits will become available on the site starting Nov. 8.

I've posted a copy of the brochure to my secure Gannett Blog page on Google Documents, where you can view and download a copy yourself.

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  1. logging in for the 1st time do not use the three 000 in front your ID.they shouldn't be there.

  2. Was simple and easy to get on site

  3. I notice on the first day to make decisions the site says it's not working -- "check back tomorrow". What a joke!


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