Monday, February 22, 2010

In other corporate directorships, fewer distractions

By one measure -- the number of their other corporate directorships -- Gannett's board of directors has a pretty good record, as they prepare to start a series of GCI meetings on Tuesday.

With the exception of Karen Hastie Williams, they've restrained from overextending commitments to other corporate boards, according to GCI's list of members' directorships and trusteeships. After all, the fewer other board seats held, the more attention they can pay to overseeing Gannett's top executives. (So long as the directors choose to, of course.)

Williams, who serves as Gannett's most powerful director after Chairman and CEO Craig Dubow, holds seats on four other corporate boards: Insurance giant Chubb Corp.; Continental Airlines; SunTrust Banks, and WGL Holdings, parent company of Washington Gas Light Co.

Although the chart, above, shows John Louis with four seats, two of them are at non-profits organizations: Northwestern University and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Likewise, Neal Shapiro's three directorships are all at non-profits, including Tufts University. One of Dubow's two other directorships is on the Associated Press' governing board.

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  1. How much do directors make for the for-profit boards, Jim? A lot, right?

    What a sham that someone like Karen Hastie Williams can make more money serving on boards than most GCI employees make in the course of years.


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