Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reports: More seismic shocks from USA Today

Updated at 11:26 p.m. ET: The newspaper famous for its sports and TV reporting is losing its entire NBA news coverage team and a top TV reporter. They're among 43 USA Today newsroom employees taking buyouts near the end of this month, SportsBusiness Daily and TVNewser say. The high-profile departures ripple across Gannett because they drain exclusive brand-name coverage from the Gannett News Service pipeline.

The three sports reporters are among at least five staffers leaving that department, the Maynard Institute's Journal-isms says. And they come on top of influential page designer J. Ford Huffman's decision to leave in a buyout.

Among the sports buyouts, SportsBusiness says: Deputy Sports Managing Editor Lee Ivory. His brother is Bennie Ivory, executive editor of The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky.

TVNewser, citing sources it doesn't identify, says TV reporter Peter Johnson (left) is taking a buyout after 31 years with Gannett and 24 at USA Today. "Respected, adored and occasionally feared by TV execs for his sharp wit and 'knowledge of where every single body is buried,'" TVNewser says, "Johnson will join his wife Tory Johnson, a contributor to Good Morning America, at her successful career fair business, Women for Hire, in New York City."

USA Today staffers taking buyouts -- use this link to e-mail me your name and photo. I want to write about more of you!

[Photo: USA Today]


  1. While many tongues have wagged about the ballsy decision by Peter Johnson to courageously jump ship, one LIFE staffer was overheard today putting it best: "Pete's one lucky escapee."

  2. And no one had to smuggle out Johnson in a prison laundry truck, either. He'll be walking out legally free!

  3. Then here's the question you have to ask -- if it's a sinking ship, why were people reluctant to jump? Especially when the lifeboat was far more golden than any under-40 journalists will see in their lifetimes?


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